The Realm of Salmoning refers to any technique used by Salmoners. It is not to be confused with the High Lord's Realm of Salmoning, which is the heaven-like place where cult members of the Court of the Golden Orb believe they will go when they die if they achieve the highest Salmoning rank.


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Salmoning is the highest and most important technique in the Realm of Salmoning. The "Salmon," is described by the Book of the Golden Orb as, "The flailing of one's hand inside another one's fishing net much like a salmon."


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Swordfishing is another technique of many used in the Realm of Salmoning. It is the hardest one to catch because of its fast movement. It is described by the Book of the Golden Orb as, "The thrusting of one's arm into the fishing net position of another person. The arm must remain unbent in the fishing net position, much like the nose of a swordfish."


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A hammerhead is much like a Salmon, except your hand is balled up into a fist. The Book of the Golden Orb describes it as, "The pounding of one's fist iniside another person's fishing net using the same motion as you would perform a Salmon, much like a hammerhead shark."

El ToroEdit

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Spanish for "The Bull," the El Toro is exactly that. The defintion for El Toro is officially, "The ramming of one's head with your pointer fingers like horns into another person." Unlike Salmoning, Swordfishing, and Hammerheading, the vicitim of the El Toro does not need to be in the fishing net position.

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