There are three Rules of Salmoning for a non-member of the cult and four for a cult member. These rules come from the Book of Salmoning.

Rule #1Edit

The first rule states, "Thou shall not Salmon from the front." This means you may not do anything within the Realm of Salmoning from the front side of a human being. It is the most important rule of Salmoning. If one may dare break this rule, they are subject to the wrath of the High Council of the Golden Orb and may spend a lifetime in the Pit of Judgement.

Rule #2Edit

The second rule states, "Thou shall make your technique known to all." This means one should state the technique or method you are performing within the Realm of Salmoning, such as Swordfishing or Salmoning, while performing that technique. As for all the rules, you may be subject to the wrath of the High Council of the Golden Orb.

Rule #3Edit

The third rule states, "Thou shall never Salmon without a fishing net." This means you cannot Salmon someone without them being in the fishing net position.

Rule #4Edit

Rule number four is only forced upon members of the Court of the Golden Orb. It states, "Thou shall perform the Victory Ritual after a successful Salmon." This ritual is only know to a few people: those who belong to the Court.