The inspiration for the art of Swordfishing, the Swordfish.

Swordfishing as described by the Book of the Golden Orb is, "The thrusting of one's arm into the fishing net position of another person. The arm must remain unbent in the fishing net position, much like the nose of a Swordfish."

Performing a SwordfishEdit

Once one has picked out their target and decided they will perform a swordfish, they must carefully sneak up behind said target. They will then thrust their unbent arm into the other person's "fishing net" and then quickly withdraw their arm. As custom to the Rules of Salmoning, they must say "swordfish" as they perform the Swordfish. To further agitate their target, their arm should be towards the top of the fishing net, rubbing vigorously against the armpit as their arm goes by.


The swordfish is the hardest to catch. However, should their target somehow be able to catch them, they must escape as quickly as they can to avoid damage to their arm. It is easy to bend one's arm once caught, but one must try to not to as it would be a disgrace to the swordfish. The best method is to use your arm to shake and throw around your target make them let go. Another method is to simply try to pull out your arm as you would in a successful swordfish.


As said earlier in this article, the swordfish is the hardest to catch. That does not make it impossible to catch though. You must have quick reflexes and a strong grip. If you are unaware of the swordfisher until he or she comes up to you, your best hope is that they are extremely slow (or you are extremely fast) so that you can catch it. However, you can lure a swordfisher by putting your arms in the fishing net position in front them. You can pretend not to notice them and when they come in for the swordfish, quickly close your arms to catch the swordfish.